Italian couture

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Italian style and trends

Zibos line is entirely designed in Italy by a team of brilliant designers, stylists and fashion experts and trends; the group of Effelledeisgn strives to provide the best design solutions with the most innovative techniques, focusing on comfort and convenience, the Italian couture...

Licensing project

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  • Logistics and Shipping

    The service of Logistics and Shipping is done by the firm DPA S.C.A.R.L.
    Via E. Mattei, 26 – 60125 Ancona, Italy

  • Infotel

    For information call +39 - 392.33.26.717

  • Payments

    Our distribution policy does not cover the management of the credit. The payment is made in advance.

Join the distribution club

The W&P is committed to the European exclusive distribution of the line BACIUZZI, the ambitious project includes the innovative forms of cooperation with the business expansion of the distribution that aim to "wildfire" without aggravating partner of effort financial statement. If you're in this business, you have a convenient storage and distribution contacts, enter our exclusive CLUB, you will be surprised by the favorable conditions and the simplicity of the system working. Get information now.

Zibos Licensing

Use the ZIBOS brand experience, its notoriety and its distribution power. Get the brand licensed for a successful business. To learn more, please click here